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Microsoft Launches Encrypted Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Microsoft Hardware, a business unit of software giant most known for iconic keyboards and mouses just launched very interesting, yet affordable products.

In order to prevent recent hacking trends such as Keylogging and Key Logging Analyzers, the company developed and launched Wireless Desktop 2000. As the name goes, the product is consisted out of a wireless keyboard and mouse. However, keyboard features a 128-bit AES encryption. The sole purpose of AES encryption is preventing your keystrokes from being intercepted by 3rd party wave interceptor, which caused concern among numerous financial and governmental  institutions.

Microsoft Wireless Dekstop 2000 - 128-bit AES Encrypted Keyboard and a mouse combo

Microsoft now decided to cease the opportunity and offer point to point encryption. Before you ask, two-button mouse is not encrypted simply because there is no need for doing so.

Interesting bit about the Wireless Desktop 2000 keyboard is the use of pillow-texture palm rest, which is in our opinion, much more comfortable than rigid plastic. Unfortunately, keyboard will be a fingerprint magnet due to usage of glossy black coating. The price is set at $39.95.