AMD Reintroduces FX Processor Brand at E3


As we mentioned couple of times, AMD chose E3 game show in Los Angeles to introduce the marketing push behind the Bulldozer CPU Architecture. The FX brand will now represent top performing AMD processors and the new gaming platform as such.

Render of AMD FX 8-Core Black Edition (Zambezi), Top of the Range Processor
Render of AMD FX 8-Core Black Edition (Zambezi), Top of the Range Processor. Unlike the previous concepts, AMD allegedly chose to go with black base color

The company also launched its Scorpius platform, consisted out of 900-Series chipset, unlocked FX processors under the codename "Zambezi" and Radeon HD 6000 Series (Northern Islands) of graphics cards. AMD did not release any information about the clock speeds, as the company needs to wait for binning results of the new silicon revision (B2). Originally, top-end Bulldozer processor was supposed to work at 3.8GHz with the Turbo mode taking it to 4.2GHz, becoming the fastest volume shipping X86 processor to date (Intel’s 4.4GHz Dual-Core Xeon X5698 is an OEM, low-volume deal only).

Leslie Sobon, VP of Worldwide Product Marketing stated that "by combining an unlocked, native eight-core processor, the latest in chipset technology, and AMD?s latest graphics cards, FX customers will enjoy an unrivalled feature set and amazing control over their PC?s performance."

To be clear to our readers, AMD creates Bulldozer core by combining two ALUs with a single FPU, making up for "hardware Hyper-Threading". Thus, you will see eight threads in the Windows Task Manager, just like you would with Intel Core i7 processor with Hyper-Threading enabled – but AMD has a dedicated ALU per thread, while Intel combines the two threads and pushes them through a single ALU.

Scorpius gaming platform is also a key part of expanding the "Gaming Evolved" program and the HD3D ecosystem. AMD announced that Bioware, Creative Assembly, Codemasters and Eidos have all joined the "Gaming Evolved", while native HD3D support is present in Blacklight: Retribution, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, DiRT 3, Dragon Age II, F1 2011, Orcs Must Die!, Shogun 2: Total War – and many more titles to come. AMD claims that currently, over 400 games support their HD3D ecosystem.

As far as the Scorpius platform launch is concerned, the graphics cards and the motherboards are available on market today, while the FX processor should arrive on market in 2-3 months time (August-September).