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Next@Norton in San Francisco Exposes Security Weaknesses


Symantec gathered staff, reporters, forum gurus, and other interested parties in San Francisco, CA for an update on what is happening in the security arena. And why. Mobile devices are a game changer in the world of hide and seek, search and destroy, hack and attack, block and disable.

Norton by Symantec Secuirty SolutionsFrom the more stable PC environment to the moving targets of smartphones, Norton is trying to keep on top of the changing environments. Complicating matters is the fact that the type of attacks are changing.

Historically hacks have come from techie challengers who wanted to see if they could do it, then from those  seeking attention and notoriety, to today?s serious, let?s-make-money-at- this entrepreneurs. Some would call them bandits who rob innocent people and use your computer to do it. Through it all, Norton has tried to keep pace.

Today, we saw a suite of products aimed at keeping you, the user, be it at home or in the business environment, "safe". It hasn?t been an easy task, and gets more complex every day.

Stay tuned for more details from today?s conference.