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UPDATE: Skype Hit by Another Outage


Update June 7, 2011 at 20:17PM UTC – According to the official Skype blog the company started to address the problem at around 14:00 UTC. At around 17:00 UTC the situation has somewhat stabilized. Skype again did not give an explanation as to why it had another outage. Also unlike our initial estimates, again a considerable lot of users were affected.

Original Article:
As if the recent outage that hit Skype not even two weeks ago was not enough, today the service is facing some problems again. Starting at 10:38 UTC, reports started to appear on social networks like Twitter, that Skype is facing problems again. 25 Minutes later, the company sent out a message via Twitter, acknowledging the fact that a "small number of users may have problems signing in to Skype."

This time it seems, that Skype doesn’t crash under all circumstances like it was the case in the last outage. There are some reports about crashes, but for some users it simply shows no contacts online. We also observed that some chat messages can actually be delivered, albeit at a VERY SLOW pace. In general it doesn’t appear to be very stable at the moment.

Last time we coined the outage as major, although Skype announced that only a limited number of users were affected. We justified our statement by the sheer amount of reports that we observed. This time the response on social networks is much more limited compared to the last outage, so this time the estimation of the company might be correct. However, we’d like to stress that since the amount of crashes is much more limited this time around, some people might not notice it as much as last time. We will update this article as we get more information on the matter.