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Corsair Recalls 120GB Force 3 SSD

Corsair Memory, one of top 10 memory vendors just announced that the company detected stability problems on 120GB Force Series 3 and is issuing a product recall.

The only affected drive: 120GB Force 3 SSD
The only affected drive: 120GB Force 3 SSD is now being recalled as a precationary measure

According to the statement made by "yellowbeard" on company’s forums, QA engineers "identified that a significant percentage of these drive do not perform to specifications. The solution will require changes to both the SSD firmware and the hardware components of the SSD itself."

As a precaution measure, Corsair stopped all shipments of the affected drive that goes by the part number CSSD-F120GB3-BK (or F120GB3-BK) and implemented the following plan:

  1. ALL users should cease using the CSSD-F120GBG3-BK drive immediately, even if you have not experienced issues of stability.
  2. Users may then either RETURN the drive to Corsair, at Corsair’s expense, to be exchanged with a replacement drive that does meet specifications OR
  3. Return the drive to their place of purchase.

Users that return the drive will receive a new one free of charge, carrying the same capacity and adequate performance.

According to the company, 60GB and 240GB drives from the same series are not affected by this recall and users should not experience any issues while using those drives. As far as we know, this is a first SandForce-based product that needs to be recalled.