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AMD Releases Catalyst 11.6 Drivers: Duke Nukem Forever, Llano and More


If you own a Radeon graphics card, head over to TechConnect website and download the latest version of Catalyst 11.6 (as it was not available on at press time). New drivers bring enhanced performance for Duke Nukem Forever and many more fixes.

AMD Catalyst LogoWhile AMD’s Catalyst 11.5 drivers offered a lot of performance and fixes to popular titles such as The Witcher 2, there was one very irritating issue for players of real-time strategy games, as well as MMORPG titles: mouse lag. According to numerous posts, users complained that reaching the corner of the screen caused a mouse to lag and after a while, it became irritating.

AMD fixed that with a separate OEM release of Catalyst 11.5 RC6, but now is available to everyone who experienced the problem and wanted an Microsoft WHQL certified version.

These drivers are also "the drivers" to have if you’re testing or owning newly-released Fusion APU processors based on the "Llano" silicon (Fusion E2, A4, A6, A8).