Patriot Memory Launches DDR3 Memory for Fusion and FX Processors


As the Fusion and FX processors are gearing ready for launch, their ecosystem is getting stronger by day. Patriot Memory just launched four memory kits optimized for the new platforms from AMD. Under the name "Gamer 2 Series AMD Black Edition Dual Channel DDR3", the company introduced 4GB (2x2GB) and 8GB (2x4GB) kits operating at 1333MHz and 1600MHz. They are available in Low Latency and Enhanced Latency variants.
Patriot Memory Gamer 2 Series AMD Black Edition MemoryIn the case of DDR3-1333, Low Latency means 7-7-7-20, while Enhanced Latency ticks at 9-9-9-24, all at lowly 1.5 Volts. DDR3-1600 kits operate at 1.65-1.7V (do not even think about putting the 1.7V in an Intel Sandy Bridge-powered system), and available as Low Latency (8-9-8-24) or Enhanced Latency (9-9-9-24).

The memory will ship during this month (June), arriving just in time for Llano-based Fusion APU (retail: end of June) and 9-Series for the FX processors (August).

In a talk with company representatives, we learned that Patriot plans to launch DDR3-1866 kits as well. Patriot decided that they will wait for final silicon from AMD in order to qualify their parts and achieve the best possible performance. This was like listening to the same story we heard from a lot of other AMD "partners" – AMD was so tight on keeping the performance of the parts leaking that it actually delayed the performance optimizations of the upcoming products in the ecosystem (especially on the motherboard side). This is a far cry from Intel, which continuously sends performance optimized silicon or microcode updates so that partners can have a tweaked platform at launch.

Then again, AMD deliberately wanted to keep everything under wraps in order not to get beaten to the punch by a more resourceful competitor and it seems that the company really have a winner on their hands in more markets than one (Fusion Llano offers excellent GPU performance, FX to offer 1GHz+ Turbo mode).

In any case, we’ll be checking in on the Patriot memory kits as they become available.