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Tobias Brinkmann Rejoins OCZ, To Lead Caching & Hybrid Division


15 months ago, I got a call while being stuck in Parisian traffic, trying to reach Charles De Gaulle airport in time. The call came from Tobias Brinkmann, outspoken Director of Marketing for EMEA at OCZ Technology.

Tobias said that he’s leaving OCZ and going to join AC Ryan (BSN* exclusive, story lost in server crash, Ed.), upcoming media player star. 15 months later, Tobias returns to OCZ. What happened?

Tobias Brinkmann during his first stint at OCZ Technology. Picture Credit: 59Hardware.netAfter Tobias joined AC Ryan, the company literally exploded in the EMEA region, growing to even 50% of the market in some countries. Following the meteoric success, Tobias was promoted to the position of CEO, AC Ryan USA.

However, while the category of Media Players is all nice and dandy, the buzzword of Silicon Valley is called Solid State and we were not surprised to hear that Tobias decided to retract from the world of digital media and re-join OCZ Technology. His new role is to lead the Caching and Hybrid Storage business unit, which recently came into limelight with an exciting RevoDrive Hybrid, which launched on Computex Taipei 2011 earlier this month.

Needless to say, we wish Tobias all the best in his future endeavors.