Intel Certifies World Fastest Notebook Memory by Kingston

We received word from Kingston’s UK PR team that the company received Intel XMP certification for their HyperX SO-DIMM module. But this module is anything but ordinary – Kingston created world’s fastest DDR3 module for notebooks, reaching the clock of 2133MHz, i.e. PC3-17000 memory.

Kingston SO-DIMM DDR3-2133 Memory is the world's Intel-certified fastest notebook memory.In order to receive the certification, Kingston paired 4GB SO-DIMM memory kit with the yet unreleased ASRock HD65-MXM motherboard and an Intel Core i7-2920XM processor. The memory was then tested at 9-11-9-27 timings using only 1.5 Volts, way below the maximum allowed 1.65V for Sandy Bridge memory controller (same limitation as Nehalem/Westmere).

While we don’t expect to see this kit in a thin’n’light category, gaming and workstation notebooks stand to profit from having a high-end desktop memory available. By contrast, Intel’s Cougar Point (mobile platform) supports DDR3-1333 by default. If the OEM configures Kingston’s DDR3-2133 or a user upgrades by himself, he or she will be able to count on significant improvement in systems performance: from 20.8GB/s to massive 33.32GB/s of system bandwidth.

One thing is certain: 2011 is turning into a year of solving bottlenecks. First SSD’s are replacing HDD at a much faster pace than analysts predicted, now memory formerly used only by overclockers is becoming a commonality… great things lie ahead for those seeking performance.