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And the Next AMD CEO Comes From…


Last week, we saw a sea of articles claiming that AMD was unsuccessful in their search for the new CEO. Bear in mind that Thomas Seifert, currently serving as an interim CEO wants to return to his job as company’s CFO.

We have spoken with multiple sources close to subject of the matter and learned that allegedly the next CEO of AMD comes from another three-letter company. This company is known to have saved AMD on multiple occasions and is credited for AMD receiving its original X86 license, as they insisted on "second source" for processors which powered their Personal Computer.

You’ve guessed it right, if our sources are correct  – the next CEO of AMD comes from IBM, a manufacturing giant that celebrated one century anniversary last week. Bear in mind that in the last round of search for successor of Jerry Sanders, AMD brought in Hector Jesus Ruiz from Motorola Semiconductor, now known as Freescale. The person in question is expected to handle building the service business of AMD in order to increase the cash flow and make AMD more stable than was the case in the past. In any case, we wish her/him all the best in the new role.

While we are not in the liberty of disclosing the name of the new CEO (if the person in question signs that contract), the negotiations did not took a long time and are being finalized as I write these lines.

If the contract gets signed this or next week, expect to see the announcement coming before AMD posts its second quarter results – expected to take place on July 21, 2011 at 2PM Pacific/5PM Eastern.