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SanDisk Unveils Triple-PCB, Enterprise-grade SSD With New Technology

Five weeks ago, flash giant SanDisk completed the acquisition of Pliant Technology and announced the opening of its Enterprise Storage Solutions business unit. Today, SanDisk announced the first six products coming out of ESS.

Based on SLC and MLC NAND Flash, Lightning series utilizes somewhat unique triple-PCB approach to designing an enteprise-grade SSD. The Lighting series uses SAS 6.0 Gbps (Serial Attached SCSI) connector in order to achieve from 320-420MB/s read and 95-120,000 IOPS, depending on a model.

SanDisk First Enteprise-grade SSD: Lighting SAS 6.0 Gbps series

Transfer speed and IOPS directly depend on the amount of NAND Flash memory on two PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) which attach to the main PCB which features a custom controller. This custom controller offers Write Through Logging (WTL) in order to prevent any data loss during operation.

Lightning Series Enterprise Flash Drives (EFD) Product Specifications
Lightning Series Enterprise Flash Drives (EFD) Product Specifications

The SLC models are offered in 100GB, 200GB and 400GB capacity, while MLC starts at 200GB and then continues with 400GB and 800GB models. SLC drives offer unlimited read and write endurance, while MLC-based drives offer from 3.6PB to 14.4PB lifetime. According to the manufacturer, SLC drives will last well beyond five years of age, while MLC is reccomended to be replaced after five years.

Drives will be available in the third quarter of this year, but the pricing was not announced.