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Cyberverse: Projects That Change the Digital Frontier Landscape

Last Sunday afternoon, I was sitting and pondered choices, direction, ideas and plan for the future, I am planning the next phase of a lunch, development of a site and people that will settle there to use it as a resource and realized my thoughts are less unique than the ones already asked.

I watch just as much TV and Read just as many books as any other person of my culture (NONE if I can help it unless I can get it as a file) and realized that the Universe as we know it is not much different than the development of the word that just popped into my head as I started to write this article on "Cyberverse".

If we look at how we look at the world around it and how many ways it has been illustrated and drawn, redrawn and even animated like the world of "Tron" so many years ago and now the recreation from a fresh perspective on the same thought it is the universe and how vast and unpredictable it is any different then they cyber landscapes we currently are creating, inventing and predicting?

A Cyber Universe where anything is possible and all your thoughts, imagination and creativity can eventually come true. Is this really possible? 

AMD's Holodeck concept shows true innovation in terms of user immersion
AMD’s Holodeck concept shows true innovation in terms of user immersion

Look around us today and the events of even the more recent E3 where Anshel was playing with AMD?s impressive 180 Degree Holodeck Room concept written by Theo. Look at another article just recently written about a prediction on flight and navigation systems and how much of this reminds of a future written on pages in so many different ways by so many artists and writers about our possible future in space and realize that it all begins here at home.

We as social beings crave even need to have a certain level of higher faster ever increasing contact with each other in order to survive it almost seems. As I sit and remember the article I just wrote on the future of "Facebook and Twitter" I?m trying to think outside my own thoughts to think past the limits of my own imagination and creativity.

N.M. Yap and I conversing about possible articles we are going to write and I had an adrenaline rush and it hit me the Cyberverse and the idea of unlimited performance, power, storage and people communicating at the speed or near the speed of light anywhere anytime at any place they choose.

BUT – aren?t we already doing just that? Yeah, we are and each day I am reminded that tomorrow will always be another adventure into creating something for tomorrows tomorrow every day I develop and reach another milestone mark.

As I created another Cloud network it just grew by 100TB last week and another 200TB today at home – I reached 1PB of data storage just at my home. While I admit I?m working with larger amounts than some people  – just take look at another article written recently Theo on Hard Drives and Nano Storage. 1PB of storage is coming to your living space as well albeit in a much more compact form.

Well I?m going to let you in on some secrets, the future is being developed today what we saw at E3 was developed years ago and has taken the companies this long to engineer to the point where it’s ready to be presented for commercial use.

Now for some information you may love or hate. GUESS WHAT… iPhone, Android or Slate / Tablet with a Touch screen is not a new idea at all.

Welcome Microsoft "Project Surface" – many years before it even made the news… Surface was originally molded to look like an arcade table top saw the light of day before year 2000 in the dreams of the designers.

You can visit Microsoft at this point and view many of these resources and also see it at some very famous locations in Vegas as well being tested and used.

Did you look carefully at Microsoft’s "Project Natal" and the Launch Party? Because if you did you would have seen a RE-INVENTION of something already developed and not yet really known as "Project Surface" in use under a different code name (which I will get to).

If you take projects and put them together you get some unexpected and sometimes amazing results… this is one case where it was right under everyone’s nose and yet not many people gave it headlines. Why is that… because it has a future still being developed.

You may be asking or wondering "what is Jeff talking about" I?m taking about the Launch Party for Kinect where on the floor you would have seen pools of water being played with by not only guests but it was also part of the attraction. It was "Project LightSpace" in its early form where KINECT and SURFACE met up with a projector on the floor using 3D Space to manipulate a drawing aka "Surface" and "Kinect" = "LightSpace".

Now I mentioned it was in its early form you saw this project meeting together at the Launch Party because where the real project goes is way beyond what you may realize. What happens if you blend two companies vision into one?

So I will describe it… Imagine a room where all four walls, the floor and all tables are basically the interface for your computer and the world or room your in is completely tactile to the point you could not only touch and move items from place to place but manipulate them physically. Well that?s at least the idea – Kind of Kewl if you ask me… 

Combining Project LightSpace with AMD’s Holodeck needs 3D content. One of the ways to create a 3D enviroment is looking into the way how "The Science Channel" takes a step further: pre-program complete environment 3D flyovers such as one recently done for the Seabed Prehistory documentary.

Take this project and lets merge it with all the wonderful 3D graphics and displays coming out and throw in that preview you saw of the Holodeck room and make it a physical room with imaginary objects and throw on a set of glasses that not only allow you to see the physical but project the imaginary at the same time – or use a large screen mobile for AR.

Well this is being used TODAY in applications to recreate environments that no longer exist and use "The SIM" style game attributes to fill that space with more than just what you see. 


This style of programming an innovation is letting our past be revisited in a way we never would have seen even 2 or 3 years ago and yet – that?s only the beginning. By looking into our past we realize our futures will be even that much more unique and wonderful. 

Welcome "Project Skinput" 
Pranav Mistry dialing the phone using Skinput concept. Picture Credit: Sam OgdenAs the name says, Project Skinput is another wonder yet to be really seen but imagined in video games for the last 10 years and movies as well. Combining a camera, projector and markers on your fingertips user starts perceiving Augmented Reality content as a part of real world, removing the need for using your phone or a tablet to experience AR.

This student concept holds great potential for the future even though the author is working on multitude of projects. In order for this to become a mainstream solution, what needs to be done is to increase the computational power in order to develop a detection of hands without the need for using colored markers.

Given that Samsung already manufactures a smartphone with built-in pico projector, this solutions is getting closer to reality, one step at the time.

 Let?s throw them all into a pan and see what we can cook up next… because I?m hungry for some more ideas thoughts and directions.

Take a look at another project being worked on and just imagine all of the things you know and see each and every day and put them together in different combinations like a well prepared dish and see what you can dream up.

As I dream a dream and wonder at tomorrow I look outside and see myself looking at the trees and stars and even the grass wondering where I may be standing tomorrow will definitely be in a different place than today and yet just as wonderful as it is this moment.