VIDEO: Good Bye Facebook? Google+ Social Network Launched

Without much fanfare, Google rolled out their own social network, which plans to connect all the major services Google has into one personalized experience. In order to protect the secrecy of Google’s Social Network project, Google withheld all the information and briefed journalists inviting them to a YouTube-related briefing.

The result was this – Meet the Google+ Project:


Google+ is packing several major features into one, as well as probably doing the best job in securing a certain amount of privacy when it comes to your comments, by dividing the "friends" into "+Circles": set of rules which enables you to chose in which section you want to put your +Google friends: family, friends, work etc. This should reduce the number of firings over postings on other networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
You can see the video about +Circles here:

Perhaps the strongest ace out of the sleeve is the fact that Google is planning to bring multi-person voice chat. +Hangouts introduces multi-person voice and video chat with quite an impressive set of possibilities (accessible via desktop, mobile etc.). Why pay to Skype / Microsoft for a professional version, when Google+ is giving you that possibility for free? Knowing Google’s ability to push the features into Gmail Chat, and the fact that Google Voice is increasingly becoming the mobile number service to have – there are a lot of things coming out of Mountain View, CA.

+Sparks is a chat service which we could only describe as BBS/IRC Chat service for the 21st century. You can easily add topics which you are currently interested in and your friends will know on what topic you want to talk about. +Sparks Video is located here:

Furthermore, the +Mobile project actually a mobile version of Google+ and brings additional features such as +Location, +Instant Upload and +Huddle Projects. You can see the videos below:

+Instant Upload

+Huddle Project

All in all, Google is coming hard and wants to capture as much social market share as possible. Time will tell was Google+ something Google should have done in the first place, rather than surfing the Google Wave or being the king of retweets with Buzz(zzzzzzz).