Social Networking 9.0 – Reboot (History of Social Networking)


Join us for a look at Social Networking and see how the present generation of Social Networking (8.0) is about to get a Reboot into a 9.0. We watch movies and hear the term REBOOT all the time these days. In the world of movies, a term "reboot" is used to spark interest in a dying or simply fledgling franchise. Examples are:  

  • Star Trek – Reboot
  • Harry Potter – Lives on in the stories between novels yet uncharted
  • X-Men – First Class (which I think of more as a beginning than a reboot honestly)
  • Batman, Superman, Spiderman 

But Social Networks have gone through many reboots over the years… almost eight so far as we move into the 9th reinvention of an old idea made new.

Recently we have seen major shifts in how people communicate via phones, Texting (SMS), E-Mail, Skype and Online Networks such as "Facebook", "MySpace" and some other smaller ones in the form of "Blogs".

My prediction is that more live/realtime will replace any form of how we do things going forward as the web was more of a on demand rather than interactive process up till only recently has this changed but it’s not completely different than how things have been since the advent of the telephone"

Currently all forms of internet communication and so far even cell phones use a process similar to the telegraph by allowing someone to type, speak or echo what they are thinking and then broadcast it to one or many people around the world or at a location.

Even our current mobile phones do this as you hear when calling yourself on a separate line in the echo effect of hearing yourself a few seconds. In some ways the actual standard hard line phone is faster than our digital experience at this time. This will change as we move forward in time. Distance will only be limited by how fast we can get information from point to point, voice, data and any form on information in its digital form is a copy of the original.

How it all began - Deployment of ARPAnet market the dawn of the Internet - and instantly, service had social element in its core
How it all began – Deployment of ARPANET market the dawn of the Internet – unlike newspapers, radio and TV – the service had social element in its core

So what does all this have to do with social networking. History… The one element of all experience that helps us learn not only where we have been but gives us insight into where we are going. What will Social Networking 9.0 have that it did not in version 8? Good Question.. and we may have just seen the first firm to show a glimpse of this in the form of Google+ and Microsoft 365.

  1. Usenet, ARPANET
  2. BBS, Chat Systems using Modems and Dialup Systems
  3. Forums and Newsgroups
  4. America Online, Prodigy and CompuServe
  5. WWW and Individual Websites designed by people for People, Geocities, Tripod, TheGlobe
  6. Web Chat and User Profiles along with IM (Instant Messaging) Still used and sort of Co-Exists with SMS
  7. Friendster, SixDegree, Linked-in (Still very popular and one I use often)
  8. MySpace, Facebook, Blogging, Skype, Cell Phones with Internet and Services
  9. Google+, Microsoft 365 and ??? what else

One thing is certain that we as social beings will always become more social and find ways to communicate and interact together no matter what form it may take in the end.

I have many thoughts about what the future of our world looks like and how it may play out, however in "Life After Facebook and Twitter" I mentioned how video would play a bigger part in social networking. This was more of insight than a prediction because of all the activities we have seen in the last few years between Skype, Microsoft Kinect, iPhone and Video Chat and more and more Android phones hitting the market at a rate of 500K a month – that’s more than five percent.

At that rate nearly everyone around the world will have access to a camera and data stream at the same time between home computers and video game consoles having cameras and microphones, computers with cameras and microphones as well as cell phones and the huge quantity hitting the streets.

Its only a matter of time before all of them MERGE together like a well prepared dish to come up with the next Social Network 9.0 Reboot and earlier today they finally announced it publically and have been working on it for nearly three years behind the scenes.

Google+ will feature BBS Style chatting (if you remember I mentioned to go forward we will most definitely go backwards to capture the parts of social networking and groups / clicks based on likes and similarities) and so Social Groups will now be a part of this new Cyberverse of social networking comes to life. QIK was independent and ended up purchased by Skype (which in turn is now going to become a part of Microsoft) is used widely by Sprint for Video Chatting on the Android Evo’s or any android if you wish to download it and works on 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi or even over wired networking if you happen to have an android not released yet to the public with a hard connection (Cough) with multiple cores and a real video card.

CBS News is quoted saying "It seems that all Google has done has taken what works for Facebook and tweak it slightly for their platform," writes CBS News. Quipping, "Miss your Facebook News Feed? You’ve got your Google+ Stream now to help you stalk your social network."

Wired is quoted as saying "Google hopes that eventually people will gravitate to the stream in teh same way that members of Facebook or Twitter constantly check those continuous scrolls of personalized information."

Acer Iconia has incorporated new features that give you those feeds in three split sessions as well as many apps for phones at this time. But reinventing something old to make it new all over again is not an old idea or something uncommon. Just as many people playing "Angry Birds" would love to think "WOW such an amazing new game" it’s not… it’s a reboot of an old classic called the Artillery Games combined with WORMS concept developed by Team17.

So many versions of these games have existed its almost amazing how much fun they still are however they have never been so funny as the Rebooted version of "Angry Birds" and that’s the key to a successful reboot… it needs to be fun and addictive.

Microsoft is gearing more towards business and needs while Google is going after the Fun and Addictive factor. The round up for 9.0 is pretty clear so far. Again its back to basics as I will make a prediction and give some insight… 10.0 Reboot will be based on all those factors, incorporate our day to day needs and requirements of doing work, life and business and also be more addictive and fun to use. But not just yet.. if I give too much away then what fun will it be to tell you that its already being worked on 🙂

But as I mentioned in Cyberverse article, its always expanding, changing, developing and improving on one project by taking from another project and another to create something new.

This is just the way we as a living breathing social being create, innovate and boldly go to the next level and continue to move forward in an ever changing world.