VIDEO: How Mobile Money Will Kill Cash by Tomi Ahonen


As I often wrote over the past couple of years, the future of money is mobile and there is nothing that stands in the way of global adoption. I had the great pleasure to do the keynote presentation at the Telenor Platimo event in Belgrade, Serbia with my good friends from Halcom, the mobile money specialists.

Even better, it was recorded on video and it is my latest high level overview of the future of money. This is what many digital money conferences have seen recently from me, i.e. "What if Money Had a Screen, If Money Remembered, if Money Could Talk" etc.

You may enjoy the video (its in English) by downloading a 287MB file and see the latest cool examples and stats and innovations in the mobile money space from our fave stories like M-Pesa out of Kenya and Swedish Busses and German m-Stamps etc. The link is here: Tomi on video about Future of Money.

Alternatively, we have uploaded it on YouTube for your convenience. Video credit: IT TV.production.