Dell Windows 7/8 Tablet Leaked: NTRIG Tech, 1080p 10.1" LCD?


Last week, a very interesting blog appeared online. The blog called "Dell Peju Insider" leaked details of upcoming Dell tablet codenamd "Peju", a 10.1" tablet running Windows 7 operating system – scheduled for release in October 2011. The leaked slides call for "Latitude ST" brand name.

Dell Latitude ST Tablet: Notice the Ctrl+Alt+Del becoming a single button
Dell Latitude ST Tablet: Notice the Ctrl+Alt+Del becoming a single button – good sense of humor

We decided to dig a little bit more on the subject and learned interesting things. First off, Dell’s tablet strategy is currently divided into a two-fold strategy, and the company might end going with a single operating system if it proves flexible enough to cover their 5", 7" and 10.1" product lines.

Now, first off, you’re not looking at a $499 price point. Peju is not a $599, $699, $799 or even $899 tablet. You’ve guessed it right, this one is targeting the $999 price point and if it hits anywhere below that, it’s going to be through a subsidized price with telecom carriers.

Dell Latitude ST codename Peju features a "corporate" approach to industrial design
Dell Latitude ST, codename Peju features a "corporate" approach to industrial design

The combination of Sandy Bridge-based Core i5 processor (note, this is the Ultra-Low Voltage version of it), 4GB DDR3LV memory, 64 or 120GB SSD and a 10.1", Full HD screen is quite costly in terms of finalized price. With Peju, Dell is most likely going with a 10.1" screen manufactured by a leading Taiwanese LCD manufacturer, with two layers on top of it. First layer is NTRIG multi-touch interface, and the second one is Corning’s Gorilla glass.
The reason why Dell did not went for 2560×1600 resolution is quite simple – Intel’s integrated graphics does not support dual-link connection and as such, you can’t drive 1440p or 1600p screens.

The notebook is targeting businesses, not the consumer – as explained by Windows 7 Professional and Windows 8 upgrade.

Integrated 5.5 Ah battery should provide 6-8 hour of real world battery but as we all know, the definition of "real world" differs from one manufacturer to another.