Thermaltake Unveils Three Liquid Cooling Products

Thermaltake, popular accessories manufacturer came out with three new liquid cooling products, with special edition of Level 10 GT case headlining two CPU coolers.

Given the heat of the summer (the author of these lines is currently enjoying a view of the lake… from an 24C/76F cooled room, 39C/102F outside), no wonder that components are feeling the heat… literally. In order to address the heat issues with components, Thermaltake launched three products: Level 10 GT LCS, Bigwater 760 Plus and Bigwater A80.

Thermaltake Level 10 GT LCS comes with an interesting color changing scheme - its a shame that the liquid cooling tubes are available only in green
Thermaltake Level 10 GT LCS comes with an interesting color changing scheme – its a shame that the liquid cooling tubes are available only in green

Level 10 GT LCS is a new take on the popular high-end case, integrating the Bigwater 850GT liquid cooling setup. Bigwater 850GT features a 240mm (2x120mm) radiator, all-copper CPU block and a reservoir located in the front 5.25" bay. The pump can push up to 500 L/h and combined with the ability to connect to almost all the former, contemporary and future processors from AMD (754/939/AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3r2/FM1/FM2) and Intel (775/1155/1156/1366). In any case, the level of integration leaves us wondering how this beast will perform in testing, even though my personal modification would be to change the color of the tubes and fill them with UV-reactive liquid.

Thermaltake Bigwater 760PlusSecond cooling product is the Bigwater 760 Plus. If the memory serves correctly, Bigwater was actually the first massively-produced retail liquid cooling product… I reviewed the original Bigwater back in 2003-04 timeframe.

Now, Thermaltake is revisiting the series with the 760 Plus. This part occupies two 5.25" bays and features the identical 500L/h P500 pump as the Level 10 GT LCS. Cooling is provided through all-aluminum 120mm radiator, paired with an all-copper CPU block.

According to Thermaltake, the company worked hard on keeping the compact size of the enclosure, as well as as fast operation as possible. in order to do that, the 120mm fan Bigwater 760 Plus doesn’t only take the fresh air from the top, but from the front panel as well. The company installed an aluminum mesh in front and opened one side of the fan – you can see the fan spinning without plastic shroud which usually kept the prying eyes away. True, getting a replacement fan may prove to be a challenge.

All in all, quite an interesting setup, which should prove quite powerfull in cooling down the CPU. This system is not sealed, so you should have no problem expanding it (or simply replacing the CPU block with a GPU one).

Thermaltake Bigwater A80 sealed liquid cooling setup
Thermaltake Bigwater A80 sealed liquid cooling setup

Third product is the Bigwater A80, i.e. Thermaltake’s answer on the easy-to-install, sealed liquid cooling units from CoolIT and Asetek. The A80 pairs a cooper CPU block with the pump mounted on top, sealed flexible cables and the 120mm "powerful" fan (1200-2500 rpm) with the aforementioned 120mm all-aluminum radiator.

We wonder what the performance will be, even though we’re not excited to see the manufacturer claiming 10C lower temperature than Intel’s stock heatsink (for the A80).