LG Launches Glasses-Free 20" 3D LED Display

Following the launch of glasses-free 3D smartphone and a tablet, LG introduced a 20" LED-backlit display that uses an alternate method to LG’s home developed lenticular 3D.

LG closely follows the footsteps taken by Samsung and Toshiba, who all launched glasses-free 3D products. However, LG is the first that offers smartphones, tablets and now PC devices without the need for wearing glasses. The D2000 uses a combination of parallax barrier 3D technology which became famous by MasterImage 3D and eye-tracking technology which closely follows the way where your eyes are looking and automatically adjust the barrier.

3D Display for PC... that doesn't require glasses.
LG released a 3D Display for PC… that doesn’t require glasses.

The important aspect of eye-tracking technology is the fact that it has a higher sample rate than usual, which means your eye is being tracked on frame-by-frame basis, which should result in a seamless experience (compared to just the passive approach of parallax barrier). The display is a Full HD kind, supporting resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and you can connect to the display using built-in HDMI and dual-link DVI ports.

LG now only needs to launch the 3D laptop and the company will have 3D products from top to bottom, from active and passive 3D (TV, projector, PC display) to glasses-free products (smartphone, tablet, PC display).

The display will be available for sale in South Korea by the end of July, with rest of the world following in September 2011.