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Samsung Releases PC-Less PC Monitor Thanks to Cisco UPOE


Samsung recently announced partnership with Cisco Networks, and the first product came to market in the form of the world’s first PC display without the need for a PC, carrying an Ethernet connector in order to use the Universal Power Over Ethernet (UPOE) Standard.

Samsung SyncMaster NC220 - World's First Ethernet-powered display

Samsung SyncMaster NC220 – World’s First Ethernet-powered display

SyncMaster NC220 is a 22" Full HD capable LCD monitor with LED backlit (using new LED BLU technology) with conventional DVI, power and RJ-45 Ethernet connectors.

This display also has an USB hub for connecting the I/O devices such as keyboard and a mouse, and simply relays the information over the Cisco network to the data processing center. The "Zero Client" i.e. Thin Client approach is something Cisco has been touting for quite some time, and now finally got the backing in the form of one of largest display makers in the world.

However, there were no news when SyncMaster NC220 is going to reach the market.