EVGA Releases a Teaser Image for Upcoming X79 Express Motherboard

As the rumors of problems for Sandy Bridge-E and X79 Express chipset gather steam, EVGA decided to stir the pot further and released a teaser image for their upcoming X79 product.

EVGA LGA2011, X79 Express motherboard teaser image

In the image above, you can see that EVGA is preparing the identical layout as the other X79 motherboards: LGA2011 Socket lies in the middle with two DIMMs on each side. In order to enable Quad-Channel i.e. 256-bit memory controller, you need to populate all four DIMM with memory modules. DDR3-1600 memory modules will result with theoretical system bandwidth of massive 50GB/s, DDR3-1866 yields 58.3GB/s and those able to run the memory stable at DDR3-2133 should achieve 66.6GB/s.

EVGA’s take on the board is 8-pin CPU power, 24-pin angled power plug, nickel-plated heatpipe leading to an aluminum heatsink. EVGA reps are not saying a thing, but we expect to see this board when Intel gets its enthusiast answer to AMD Bulldozer readied – sometimes in fourth quarter 2011 (unless the rumors of the delay push the product to 2012).