Hitachi Launches 4.5" 720p, HD Ready 3D LCD Screen

Encouraged by the latest round of mobile phones and tablets that utilize technology competing companies, Hitachi is now developing a next-generation LCD with impressive capabilities.

Conventional glasses-free approach: Parallax Barrier and the Hitachi's "Stacked Lens" Approach
Conventional glasses-free approach: Parallax Barrier and the Hitachi’s "Stacked Lens" Approach

The company is pulling all stops at developing one of best LCD panels for mobile devices: IPS LCD panel comes in 4.5" screen size, supporting a resolution of 1280×720 (yes, HD Ready on a smartphone). Hitachi Displays is putting a lot of hopes on their new glasses-free 3D technology which utilizes "stacked lens" system.

In order to keep up with the demands of glasses-free 3D, the IPS LCD panel has two separate brightness modes: in 2D, you’ll be enjoying in 400cd/m2 (more than on most of PC displays with IPS panel), and in 3D, you can count on additional 70 cd/m2 for a total of 470 Candels.
The company did not announce what devices will carry this 4.5" display, but we believe it will be solely decided by the yield the manufacturer achieves. From Japan-only to a world-wide availability – the only decider is the percentage of fully-functional panels coming off the production line.