Kingston Announces Availability of New HyperX SandForce SSDs


Back in early June, Kingston announced that they would be partnering with SandForce on the new SSDs and it appears that 2 months later, they are now shipping these drives to retailers. In Kingston?s statement about the shipments they cover a lot about the expected performance, components, and expected pricing.

The HyperX SSDs are based on the SandForce SF-2281 controller featuring SATA 3.0 also known as SATA 6Gb/s. With this controller, combined with Intel?s 25nm NAND flash they are able to achieve stratospheric
performance levels.  This makes the drive?s controller very similar to the OCZ Vertex 3, and depending on firmware could possibly outperform it. Based on all of this, Kingston claims that the drive should put out an expected sequential read/write of 555/510 MB/s and a Max 4K random read/write of 95,000/70,000 IOPs (120GB model). This is in line with many of the SandForce SF-2281 drives such as the Corsair, ADATA, Mushkin, OCZ and Patriot competitors. As you can see from our review of the Patriot Wildfire those numbers aren?t always 100% on the spot for better or for worse.

Kingston states that the drive will come in both 120GB and 240GB capacities as well as in a bare drive or bundle kit configuration. The bundle kit will come with Acronis True Image hard drive migration software,
desktop mounting plate, external drive bay, multi-head screwdriver, and SATA data cable. This will enable users to make use of their now outdated HDD as an external drive rather than simply tossing the drive away. The bare drive will still come with the conversion plate from 2.5? to 3.5? if your desktop does not support 2.5? drives. This is a good thing that Kingston recognizes the need for this because many SSD manufacturers had a problem with recognizing that users needed the conversion plates in the very beginning. But admittedly, Kingston has always been good about providing the appropriate accessories and bundles in order to make sure that the customer is best served.

The pricing for the HyperX SSDs will be as follows the 120GB drives will be priced at $269.99 and $284.99 with the latter being the bundle and the other being the bare drive. The 240GB models of the Kingston HyperX SSDs will be priced at $519.99 and $539.99 with the more expensive one being the bundle kit price. These prices will only be reflected at eTailers like Amazon, Buy, Newegg and Tigerdirect. Those websites will be Kingston?s launch partners and will be the only ones that will have to abide by that pricing structure. Based on those prices and the expected performance, it would be on par with the pricing of OCZ and Mushkin and even a little under the price of Patriot and a quite a bit over ADATA. Granted, though, that almost all of these are running on the exact same SF-2281 processor and that they have varying firmwares and NAND flash that they use on the drives.

Overall, this drive looks to be quite promising and we look forward to getting a chance to test one of them in our labs very soon.