Prototype or Marketing Ploy, Rolltop Rolls Out 2.0


Rolltop is a portable computer development concept. I must admit, the video is intriguing, but can it develop into a real thing? Claiming to be a laptop computer, a graphics tablet, and a 17" flat screen monitor all literally rolled into one, the device rolls up into the size of a water bottle and can be carried over your shoulder.

When rolled up, the Rolltop computer is about the size of a water bottle
When rolled up, the Rolltop computer is about the size of a reusable water bottle

The Rolltop has a web cam, loudspeakers, an interactive pen, USB ports, and a virtual keyboard. The creator, Orkin Design, is looking for manufacturers of OLED’s and other electronic components. You can become a co-partner or an investor. They are even taking donations through PayPal. If you send money, the company promises that as a token of their appreciation "every donator will receive an opportunity to purchase [send more money] the Rolltop first (priority list), as soon we released it!"

The Rolltop computer will come with a carrying strapOrkin Design
, a German company, makes the roll-it-up-and-sling-it-over-your-shoulder-computer. They say that "from the beginning Rolltop has been developed as a real future product." Towards that end they are looking for folks willing to play along. Check out the Rolltop video. Rolltop?s creators have also designed avant guarde chairs, light fixtures, and cocktail glasses. Computers? Not so many.

A "Questionary" [their word] asks for gender, age, income, which products you have, and which do you intend to buy? Sure sounds like a marketing ploy to me, rather than a product develop scheme, but you be the judge.

The concept has been around since 2009 and has not emerged from the design table. The delay may be because few electronic components are flexible enough to be rolled around a spool similar to a paper towel dispenser.

If Rolltop ever gets to be more than a figment of someone?s imagination and designs a multiple element motherboard, truly foldable OLED screen (even beyond what this AMOLED video is implying), BSN* would be interested in an eval copy to provide you with a hands-on opinion of this fascinating concept.