SOUL by Ludacris Headphones Now Shipping Nationwide


Signeo electronics has actually launched five new SOUL by Ludacris headphone products with the SL-300 being at the top. The SL300 is the high-end headphone that SOUL has to offer to the public.

SL300 Represents the top of Signeo Electronics SOUL By Ludacris new line of HeadphonesThis headphone was created with that collaboration with Ludacris. The SL300?s are noise cancelling headphones that claim to offer superior noise cancellation technology combined with sleek style and professional sound. Admittedly, this isn?t the first time we?ve heard such claims. There is a very similar brand out there also created in collaboration with another musical artist. People may know them as Monster?s Beats by Dr. Dre, which expanded even on HP computers, for instance.

Needless to say, those headphones are overhyped but do deliver quite a bit of bass for the user that likes big bass. We hope to get a chance to listen to these and see how they stack up against the competition (Beats by Dre, Ultimate Ears, Audio-Technica, etc.). The entire SOUL line is essentially created in collaboration with Ludacris.

The SL300 will retail for $299 (the same launch price as Studio Beats by Dr. Dre, which now e-tail for $349) and are available at all major retailers including Apple.com, Amazon, BestBuy, MacMall, Microsoft Store, Vann?s and many others. It also comes in two colors, both gold and in black and white.

If the $299 price tag and larger size is too much for you, SOUL won?t leave you hanging. They have also introduced the SL150 headphones which are actually engineered for deeper bass and are also foldable and come in both black on black color schemes as well as white on white. These will retail for a more attainable $199.

The last over the ear offering that SOUL has to offer is the SL100 model, which is a more compact on-ear headphone option when compared to the other two. It also comes in blue and black and red and black colors; hopefully these won?t evoke any gang related headphone thefts (bad joke). These headphones are by far the more portable and compact headphones but still claim to deliver a decent amount of quality sound. The SL100 will be available for purchase at all of the above listed retailers for the MSRP of $149.

Besides the over-the-ear headphones, SOUL By Ludacris also offers two in-ear models. Pictured - SL99, the premium modelFollowing the over the ear offerings, the SOUL by Ludacris line also offers two in-ear headphone options for ultra portability and affordability. The SL99 and SL49 are the two smallest headphones that the SOUL by Ludacris line has to offer and are also the two least expensive offerings coming in at $99 and $69.

In all, we?re interested to see if this line of headphones is any good and aren?t really surprised that someone tried to go with another Grammy award winning artist with another line of headphones.

Admittedly, the Beats line of headphones haven?t really been targeting the mid to low range of consumers as much as this SOUL by Ludacris line does, so there?s a good chance these guys could be equally as successful as Monster was with Beats if not even better.

We’ll look into these phones in due time and let you know what our feedback is.