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HTC Launches HTCDev.com


HTC has finally launched their development website (HTCDev.com) for the public to use. This is their attempt to make themselves more available to developers and more useful to consumers through more developer involvement.

Currently, HTC has made their OpenSense SDK available to developers. This is HTCs biggest and most well known user interface that is usually overlaid on Android devices. This user interface has been popular with users since its original availability on Windows Mobile (no, not windows phone. Before that). Back when HTC was still on Windows Phone, Sense UI was very simple and rudimentary it lacked a lot of features and over the years it has gradually become more and more useful and more and more intuitive.

If you go to HTC?s HTCDev website you can go to the developer center and see what is currently available as well as what will be available in the future. From these main things you can see that HTC wants developers to become familiar with and use their SDK as well as have the ability to unlock their bootloader. If you notice, right now that option is not available, but as HTC recently stated they are working on having unlocked boot loaders for most of their recent phones to be made available to consumers and developers. This is HTC?s attempt at being more transparent and allowing consumers more choice when it comes to the way that they want to run their devices. Thirdly, HTC also makes the kernel source code available to developers as well if they so choose to. This is for nearly every single phone that they?ve released in the past year. This allows developers to modify the operating system of an HTC phone more easily and to have a reliable source that they can depend upon when they need a source code for a project.

Also, this website is not entirely catered to just Android even though anyone will admit that HTC is more of an Android manufacturer. HTC also details their Windows Phone involvement, even though admittedly there is significantly less wiggle room for developers of HTC devices on Windows Phone. They are going to be much more likely to get help from Microsoft?s developer program than from HTC when it comes to Windows Phone based HTC devices.
In all, it?s great to see HTC delivering on their promises and to see how they are going to be delivering on others in the near future.