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AMD Officially Confirms Entrance into DRAM Business, But…


Following our recent story on AMD’s entrance into the DRAM business with Radeon-branded DDR3 modules, we contacted AMD to hear more about company plans and what that means for other companies in AMD’s ecosystem.

We received an answer from Mr. Dave Ereskine, one of AMD’s pointmans who had this to say:

"AMD does not manufacture memory and does not plan to sell system memory directly to our customers. AMD is currently determining if the sale of AMD Radeon-branded memory through channel partners is a viable opportunity and as such it has appeared in some regions for purchase through retail."

So there you have it. Retailers in Japan got a hold of shipment which was intended for select channel partners to see if this trial run of DDR3 modules will turn out to be a success or not. However, as always – some parts will trickle down into the retail space.

In any case, we thank Dave for quick reply.