MSI Reveals an Unannounced AMD Processor

We have received news from MSI that the company is launching its latest mobile product, the CR430 notebook.

MSI CR430: 14" notebook powered by AMD E-450 Fusion APUHowever, this multimedia-oriented 14-incher is powered by a processor which is yet to see the official announcement by AMD, if such announcement arrives: the E-450. This APU is essentially next clock-bump that follows the E-350:  CPU clock is increased to 1.65GHz (E-350 operates at 1.33GHz), while the GPU is beefed up to carry the name Radeon HD 6320. The clock of the GPU hasn’t changed – you still have 80 stream processing cores ticking at 400MHz.

This is backed by 4GB of DDR3-1333 memory, even though E-450 supports DDR3-1600 as well.

The rest of the notebook represents a good multimedia entry-level product: 14" screen features just a bit more than one million pixel resolution (1.05Mpixel, 1366×768) which are lit with built-in LED backlighting. The company offers 320, 500 and 640GB hard drives, a DVD writer.

The price was not defined at press time, but we expect it to be in line with other Brazos-platform notebooks on the market.