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Adventuresome Pooch Partners with iPad and Petfinder Foundation


Millie a shaggy, loveable pooch leads kids through her outrageous adventures while raising funds for homeless dogs. $1 of every sale of the interactive children?s app is donated to the Petfinder Foundation.

You can?t find a better win-win situation where kids increase their cognitive, motor, and reading skills while an organization devoted to pet adoptions garners financial support.

Neither pirates or piranhas keep Millie from her quest
Neither pirates or piranhas keep Millie from her quest

The $3.99 app available to download from iTunes is the second in the Millie Was Here series from Megapops. Meet Millie was a free app to introduce the world to Millie, a take off of producers Randy Lowenstein?s and Jen Taylor?s own real life canine companion. Millie & the Lost Key is the first full length app filled with her adventures. Donations from sales of this learning tool end soon on Thursday, August 18. You can get Millie for your child and support Petfinder at iTunes. After August 18, Megapops will continue to donate a percentage of sales to support Petfinder?s mission to find a forever home for every homeless pet.

The graphics in this new teaching-children-to-read app are cute. Pictures of the real Millie are adorable, and the reviews are giving the app 4.5 stars. Even toddlers are responding to Millie and her antics. One parent says of her two year old:  "Love the book! My son plays it over and over again!" You can see Millie on YouTube in a trailer below:

Millie & the Lost Key includes digital pop ups, mini games, video clips, and virtual stickers to find and collect. A dual teaching/bonding tool, parents can read the story to their children or the player can read it themselves. Never dull, during Millie?s quest for the Endless Bacon she encounters unicorns, pirates, and even piranhas those sharp-toothed, meat-eating fish.

Millie was here...

Millie was here…

Sharing is part of the fun. Kids can upload pictures and stories of their own pets to become part of Millie?s Pack.

The Millie Was Here series is Compatible with iPad iOS 3.2 or later, and there are plans to release Millie?s stories on the iPhone.