Patriot Sponsors Facebook Xtreme Gaming System Giveaway


Patriot Memory, Sapphire, SandForce and NFC Systems have partnered together to do a giveaway on Patriot Memory?s Facebook page. This giveaway is a very simply Facebook entry contest that just asks you for a little personal information and you?re good to go. This Gamer Xtreme System Giveaway  was built by NFC Systems using Patriot?s SandForce Based SSDs and Memory combined with Sapphire?s P67 Pure Black motherboard and 6950 Graphics cards in CrossFire mode.

Judging by the design of the system, we can tell that it is going to be a very high quality build, judging by the sleeved PSU cables and the water cooled CPU. Thanks to the use of the Patriot SSD powered by SandForce there is a very thin profile and little need to cool things like hard drives since the SSDs are all that are needed in a gaming rig. We?d be interested to see if NFC overclocked the CPU or GPU at all considering that the CPU is running on water and the GPUs are running an open air design.

By the looks of the system, this is an open air bench design that utilizes a Corsair AX 1200W PSU to power all of the components. Funny enough, Corsair is a direct competitor of Patriot?s in memory and ssds but I guess NFC and Patriot don?t care enough to bother switching to something like a Cooler Master. This system?s estimated value is around $5000. Unfortunately, though, none of our Global readers can participate in this contest because it is only for the US and Canada. We will try to work with Patriot on doing a Global contest in the near future because we really don?t like regional contests that leave out the rest of the world. But we?re realistic and it?s not easy to run a contest with a $5000 computer and having to deal with the logistics of shipping it across the world.

Here are the official rules.