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AMD Names New CEO: Ex-IBM, Ex-Lenovo Rory P. Read


Few weeks ago, we ran a story that AMD is approaching the end of their search for a new CEO. Today, the company announced that Rory P. Read, former COO of Lenovo Group. AMD’s Board of Directors ousted Dirk Meyer at CES 2011, which was flooded with numerous tablets to which AMD had no answer. Even today, we don’t see AMD-based tablets on the market, even though there were more than couple of announcements.

Thomas Seifert took over as a temporary CEO and during his eight month tenure, saw AMD releasing Fusion series of APUs from both low-power and performance side of envelope. Now it is up to Mr. Read to voice out the AMD strategy and executes on where the company was weak in the past – launching products on time.

Mr. Read is a seasoned IBM executive who joined Lenovo when the Big Blue spun off its PC division to Lenovo Group. His bio is still available on Lenovo’s Corporate page:

"Mr. Read has a proven track record for leading substantial business turnarounds and driving gains in share and profitability. Under his leadership in 2007, he led the Lenovo America?s group to a $140M improvement in profit and 14% revenue growth in one year.

Before joining Lenovo, Mr. Read had a successful 23-year career at IBM, where he held numerous key executive positions. Most recently he was managing partner for the Global Industrial Sector of Business Consulting Services. Mr. Read also served as executive of Global Business Transformation and Information Technology for IBM?s $45 billion Global Services business. He was vice president, IBM eBusiness Transformation,, where he led a business team that produced more than $1 billion in company-wide savings and $21 billion in sales.

Prior to that, Mr. Read worked in IBM?s Asia Pacific region as general manager, Business Innovation Services for Asia Pacific. Mr. Read graduated Magna Cum Laude with a bachelor?s degree in Information Systems from Hartwick College."

In any case, we wish Mr. Read long career ahead – he has a difficult task indeed.