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NVIDIA to Host GeForce LAN 6 on an Aircraft Carrier

Two years ago, we saw USS Hornet being host to the impressive launch of ATI’s Evergreen series (Radeon HD 5000 Series). In October, USS Hornet will host sixth GeForce LAN party – a convention of PC gamers who live and breathe for green-sided digital entertainment.

GeForce LAN 6

The company is tying the launch of much expected Battlefield 3 to go along with the existing GeForce line-up, even with the traditional brilliant looking PC case mods. The company traditionally organized GeForce LAN events to mark the launch of a particular product, that being GeForce GTX 590 or one of earlier generations.

Could we see the 28nm GeForce 600 or… then again, Kal-El is being prepared for the launch in fourth quarter. In any case, October 14-16 Alameda County is going to be painted green. We can’t wait to see what it ultimately will be…