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Multiphase Cooling Startup Receives 1.9 Million USD Funding


We have received news that CapTherm Systems, an innovative Canadian Startup received 1.9 million USD from Greenscape Capital Group, which is taking over 40% of the company. Greenscape can increase its stakehold to 46% in the second scheduled round of  funding, which is expected to take place in the next two years.

CapTherm is headed by Timo Minx (serving as the CEO and Technical Director) and Philipp Fuhrmann (COO and Business Strategist), and relies on eight patent pending innovations which move one step away from the conventional air and liquid cooled systems of today and shift into the gravity-neutral multiphase approach which enabled the company to develop solutions not just for the PC market such as servers, workstations and desktop/notebook, but into medical and aerospace /military applications as well. The technology also has found its way into electric car technology, but the company is not ready to disclose names of the licensees.

The company announced deals with distributors in 12 countries, including North America and EMEA and is looking to launch the products in the next couple of quarters. The press release quotes that the technology doesn?t require auxiliary power, which is something we?re really interested in. Read the following quote:

"CapTherm’s cooling systems employ a "multiphase" technology to cool high-power electronics. Its increased effectiveness, as compared to traditional air-cooling and recent liquid-cooling systems, can be measured by a factor of thousands and hundreds, respectively. In addition, CapTherm’s technology is powered by a solid-state pump (no moving parts) which provides a significant increase in reliability over competing systems. Finally, unlike its older competitors, the multiphase system requires no auxiliary power as the problem (i.e. the heat) provides the fuel to run the system. "

Needless to say, the cooling business just got really, really interesting.