Valve Debuts New Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Video

Valve is out with a new video and screenshots detailing all of the new features of CS:GO including lots of game play and graphical rendering to illustrate the improvements in graphics since Counter-Strike: Source.

For those unfamiliar with Counter-Strike it is one of the original FPS games ever to gain mass success. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is based upon this game which was originally developed as a mod for the original Half-life game and then was brought back again when Half-life 2 came out. Since then, it has been 12 years and now Valve is releasing a new game called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. This game will take many of the things that existed in the previous versions of the game (Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and Counter-Strike: Source). These include having two opposing sides that work together to accomplish certain objectives depending on the map type. There have also been many mods born out of Counter Strike games which add yet another level of fun for any gamer. These mods are endless and we?re hopeful that Valve will continue to support modders in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.



The additions to this game include the creation of matchmaking and leader boards. Both of these did not really exist in the previous version, although many servers or clans did keep internal rankings and there were some ranking services as well. The matchmaking addition will likely bring about some interesting games and could possibly make games even more competitive than they were in the past. Counter Strike is known as one of the first FPS games that spawned professional gaming and is likely to spur an increase in professional gamers and clans simply by its release. Also, it appears that the game looks drastically different from any previous source game, so there?s a likelihood that Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment could be using another engine, perhaps Unreal Engine considering that Valve stated that they won?t be creating any new game engines. There will also be some new maps as well as some of the old ones re-made anew for this game. Judging by some of the screenshots revealed over the weekend, it looks like de_dust, cs_office, and de_aztec are going to be included in the re-made maps.


Valve is also trying something new that has been tried before but has failed miserably in the past. That is the inclusion of cross-platform gaming. While this game will be available on PC, Mac, Xbox and PS3, the users whom are using PC, Mac or PS3 will actually be able to play eachother and compete cross platform which will consolidate game servers and increase the amount of gamers playing the game at the same time. This should also remove the gap that normally exists between PC and console gamers in terms of being able to play against each other. We have yet to see how this will work out in practice because it?s been tried many times in theory and failed miserable.

The game is expected to go into PC Beta later this year and launch early in 2012.