Samsung Cozies Up with GlobalFoundries

The GTC Conference for 2011 is in full swing. One of the first announcements emphasizes the collaboration which Global Foundries is fostering. With Samsung Electronics? Foundry, they are jointly offering a new 28nm HKMG technology called 28nm-LPH.

Clean room worker at Samsung Electronics facilityDirected at mobile applications, the new high performance technology promises a significant reduction in active power without diminishing performance. Smartphones, tablets and notebooks are the target for the latest approach. The synchronization of four global semiconductor fabrication facilities are developing a chip which they say offers 60 percent active power reduction and 55 percent performance boost at the same leakage over 45nm low power SoC designs.

Last year, the Global Foundries/Samsung team worked on low power 28nm Gate First HKMG with IBM and STMicroelectonics. Today?s announcement complements that result while keeping ultra-low leakage transistors and memories which benefit the consumer by providing longer battery life for their mobile devices.

The collaboration of the four facilities, Fab 1 in Germany, Fab 8 in New York, S1 in Giheung, Korea and an expanded S2 in Austin Texas, will optimize processes and tooling. Consistent production worldwide will eliminate redesign for chips produced at multiple facilities, reducing customer design costs. Harkening to the disruption in deliveries after the Japan earthquake and tsunami, the supply chain risk of depending on a single facility is completely eliminated by this collaboration.

Jim Kupec, senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing at Global Foundries said. "Customers using this new offering will gain accelerated time to volume production and assurance of supply, and they will be able to leverage significant learning from the foundry industry?s first high-volume ramp of HKMG technology at 32nm in 1H2011."