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Jim Jannard: Panasonic, Samsung and Sony Have "Lost Their Minds"


After recent news about the standardization of 3D glasses, James "Jim" Jannard, founder and former CEO of Oakley, who currently leads RED Digital Cinema Company offered his opinion on the matter. The opinion differs to what "mainstream" 3D in the near future could very well be, according to what has been proposed by the newly founded 3D consortium.

"The future is NOT active glasses. That is preposterous. Simply incredibly stupid. The "consortium" announced that active glasses are in our future. Not. Samsung, Panasonic and Sony. Watch here for what the future really looks like. Trust me on this one. They have lost their minds… really. I’ll bet my lifelong reputation on it."

Currently both solutions have their drawbacks, active shutter light loss, strobing sensation, price and weight, and passive loss of resolution and technology optimization costs. These words could be taken with some …..(?) in other circumstances, but to anyone who ever heard of Oakley glasses or RED and 4K (+ 5K) revolution it started, this does tickle imagination about which other tricks up the sleeve RED has. Then again, his former company, Oakley did started to sell passive glasses for RealD 3D theaters.

Let’s see whose predictions were more correct…