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AMD Ships First Bulldozers: 16-Core Opteron "Interlagos" Processor

Finally, there is some light at the end of the tunnel regarding the much awaited AMD processors based on the next-generation Bulldozer architecture. The company just released a press release stating that the first revenue "This is a monumental moment for the industry as this first Bulldozer core represents the beginning of unprecedented performance scaling for x86 CPUs," said Rick Bergman, Senior VP and General Manager, AMD Products Group. "The flexible new Bulldozer architecture will give Web and datacenter customers the scalability they need to handle emerging cloud and virtualization workloads."

Interlagos is a product codename for a CPU containing two Orochi dies on a single MCM package (Multi-Chip Module), each containing eight processing cores organized in four modules. The product is expected to be sold under the Opteron 6200 series brand and is fully socket compatible with the existing Opteron 6100 Series; the 12-core Magny-Cours processors. This allows existing platforms to be upgraded with a simple drop-in CPU replacement and potentially BIOS update.

AMD expects the "Interlagos" CPUs to launch and subsequent availability in partner systems in the fourth quarter. Considering the announcements regarding launch and availability in the third quarter, this is a slight slip of the original plan. However, the slip is negilible compared to the respective desktop product "AMD FX" codenamed Zambezi, which was originally planned for the second quarter of the year – with the latest news being that FX will begin revenue shipments in October. Recently we reported that Gigabyte leaked a bunch of SKU numbers of the respective chips.