How Intel Pays Off Journalists

Often, we see some unsatisfied readers comment that press is paid off one way or another, rooting for one party or the other. You’re perfectly safe here – but think twice about the others.

Pre-paid American Express card as provided by Intel
Pre-paid American Express card as provided by Intel

At the IDF 2011 press room, we heard several international journalists complaining about the amount of money they received on the cards as in "not enough". Naturally, we got interested to hear what’s all about and learned that if you’re member of the Intel’s press pack, you don’t just get a room at the Marriott Downtown and a flight over, but also a lovely pre-paid American Express card with 400 bucks on it.

That money is based on the fact that the breakfast at the Marriott is about 20-40 bucks (yeah, we know – not a dollar menu at the local franchise), and the dinner is about 40-80. In those three days you could spend $400 on hotel food.

Given that the cards were pre-paid and that we’re talking about American Express, we were not surprised to hear some journos complaining that they’ve spent all the money at the local Apple Store, buying ARM powered devices. After all, 400 dollars isn’t going to get you an Intel-powered Mac?