Intel?s Blue Men at IDF


The advertising industry says any publicity is better than no publicity. They also love to dust off old themes and do them again – especially if they are a novel approach.

Everybody who has ever been to trade shows comes home with logoed pens, backpacks and bags, as well as an occasional memorable novelty item. Every geek has their own collection of memorable items like the 1986 100-page NeXT brochure. Or Philippe Kahn?s Borland black hat and matching T-shirt when everybody else was giving out white T-shirts.

This year at IDF, Intel has the pulled the Blue Man out of their old advertising closet.

However, Intel didn?t rehire a group of humans wearing blue faces and hands, as they’re too busy with their Las Vegas show. Today?s Blue Men are robots ? wind up guys, about three inches tall.

Intel's Blue Man, Take Two

What makes them so unique is they dance better than the Intel executives at last night?s party at the top floor Moscone Center West. Plus these guys have a rotating Intel logo on their front sides and a large key in their backs.

These guys are ready to take on the red devil from Silicon Valley who had a party on the fourth floor at St. Regis last night – where AMD was showing off their Guinness World Record fastest computer.