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Diablo III & PayPal: The Next Billion Dollar Business

Over a month ago, Activision Blizzard released a lot of new information regarding the upcoming Action RPG Diablo III. Among the new features for the Diablo series the biggest dust arose around the Auction House that also allows real money trading. Now the company has announced that eBay-owned PayPal will be their payment-service partner.

On their blog, Carey Kolaja, Senior Director of Emerging Opportunities from PayPal was happy to confirm the news. To be honest the PayPal announcement wasn’t unexpected, as the company is widely accepted as a safe and more importantly, a very fast payment method. According to Kolaja, about 70% of PayPal customers are gamers, so this partnership was a natural choice.

While PayPal is now the payment service provider, it is still unclear which fees will apply for cashing out your proceeds into the real money. At the very least, the usual fees from PayPal will apply as with every other transaction. On top of that Blizzard already announced that the auction creation and selling items will result in a fixed fee deduction from your account. At the time of writing these fees are unknown. Before you are able to spend money in the real money auction house, you have to charge your account with it as Blizzard explained when they publicized this feature.

Currently the Family & Friends beta phase is underway, with the public beta starting in the near future (the company did state Third Quarter 2011, which ends in 15 days). This circumstance also triggered some scams, which try to persuade people to enter their account details into fishing sites. Just to be safe, if you are selected for participation in the Diablo III Beta, you will be contacted via e-mail by Blizzard. But then all you need to do is login to your account at Blizzards website and see the Diablo III Beta added to your account.