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Windows 8 Couples with ARM – Confusion Reigns

Whether it’s a match made in heaven, or a simply a cover-all-the-bases move, Microsoft has made its new operating system compatible with ARM designed processors. Windows 8 will also run on x86 from Intel and AMD. And there’s the rub.

WoA: Windows on ARM Netbook - NVIDIA Tegra 2 prototype netbookIn a good news, bad news scenario, ARM wins some, losses others. The company will be biting into Intel?s relationship with Microsoft.On the other hand Intel and Google?s Android operating system have become friends. This may not bode so well for ARM?s hold on the mobile market. We’ll have to see if Intel can control their power hungry attributes well enough to give power-efficient ARM a run for its money. Analysts are divided on that question. However, the stock market responded pushing ARM up $11.50… or a mere 1.92 percent… closing at $610 today.

Another question came out of a Microsoft financial analysts meeting regarding legacy apps from Windows 7 being able to run on Windows 8. Steven Sinofsky, President of the Windows and Windows Live Division responded: "I think I said that if it runs on a Windows 7 PC, it’ll run on Windows 8. We’ve been very clear since the very first CES demos and forward that the ARM product won’t run any X86 applications."

As a result of a licensing deal signed just over a year ago, Windows 8 is heading our way with their new chips from ARM. As Windows News and Tips points out, "They?ll operate in different ways, run different software and be updated differently." How?s that for adding to the techno-chaos in a consumer?s mind?

Full house listening to Sinofsky?s keynote speech at BUILD
Full house listening to Sinofsky?s keynote speech at BUILD

In his keynote speech at the currently running BUILD conference in Los Angeles, Sinofsky touted ?From the chipset to the user experience, Windows 8 brings a new range of capabilities without compromise.? Microsoft has always been optimistic about their products… not so the public. Remember BOB, and how about Vista that was forced upon us in so many situations? Come on, be honest. How many of you are still functioning just fine thank you on Windows XP?