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RED Gives Tidbits About Upcoming 3D 4K Laser Projector

New revolutionary visual high tech is cooking in RED labs. The new company policy is to not publish a lot of info before the products are ready, but several new tidbits were enough to cause a stir.

Resolution: 4K is what RED was trying to push since the start of the company and 4K from sensor to the screen is what awaits us. Actually… 5K downscaled for pristine 4K, with Epic cinema camera in mind. For anyone unsure whether the difference from 1080p and 4K is noticeable enough and worth it…yes it is. The statement which would be subjective if it wasn’t also based on facial expressions of other people in the audience after Red’s 4K presentation.

Laser technology: Any details of the implementation of the technology have not been disclosed yet, so pretty much everything is guesswork at this point. What can be guessed though is that, compared to using traditional lamps, laser projection should allow greater contrast, brightness and higher color gamut. What this means for the average user is more vibrant, more "juicy", more realistic picture than the one current technology can offer. So far RED has shown enough vision and priority to picture quality, so this type of announcement is not surprising.

Passive 3D: Harvesting the benefits of laser projection can easily affect the quality of 3D presentation, where brightness, contrast and motion representation as well are highly influencing factors. Details of passive 3D technology utilized have not been disclosed, but RED seems pretty sure at what they are doing. "No excuse passive system" as said by Jim Jannard boldly suggests minimal shortcomings.

Studio and Home versions:  Good news is also for folks not only in professional image acquisition world, but interested in exceptional picture quality. Along with professional model, home cinema version is the works as as well.

Let’s see how far are we from this new visual treat.