Golf Gloves go Digital

Gloves with built in sensors are supposed to improve your golf game. SensoGlove has developed a way to read the pressure of your grip and correct it using a digital computer.

SensoGlove for GolfA lighter grip is the key to golf success so it seems. Learning just how that feels when the club is in your hand is tricky. Audio feedback from the computerized glove lets you know when you are holding on too tight, at every point in your swing. The SensoGlove promises a smoother swing. Smoother swings mean the ball travels farther, your precision is better (no more sand traps) and your score is lower.

A digital computer can be slipped out of the glove when you are not practicing. Then, you have a typical glove, so your golf buddies won?t suspect you have an edge. However, on the driving range or in your own back yard, you can train to your heart?s content and no one will be any the wiser.

Four little sensors in the glove can even tell you which finger is causing you to miss that birdie. They give you feedback while you address the ball and even during your follow through. You can adjust your tension so your touch is light enough to land the ball on the green, and tight enough so your club doesn?t land there too.

Sam Snead is said to have cautioned: "Grip the club as if you were holding a baby bird." Perhaps SensoGlove can help prevent your golf balls from landing in that baby bird?s nest up in the trees.