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Intel Kills Off MeeGo, Hello Tizen


After Nokia exited the Nokia-Intel alliance, it wasn’t just the matter of hardware but the MeeGo operating system as well. Faced with a radically changed landscape, Intel is now preparing a series of changes to their branding.

For starters, the company decided to rebrand the Atom in preparation for the launch of 22nm architecture which parts way with the Atoms of today and is focused on delivering a System-On-Chip design. New branding could be announced as early as CES or MWC 2012, even though we are talking about a 2013 part here.

Secondly, Imad Sousou came up with a post on in which he announced that Intel OTC has decided to kill off the MeeGo project, and merge it into a Chinese sounding project called Tizen. Tizen is an operating system being developed by The Linux Foundation and is solely focused on HTML5 as the main programming language for its applications.

Technical Steering Group, a part of The Linux Foundation is in charge of the Tizen project, which targets multiple devices such as tablets, netbooks, handsets, Smart TV initiative as well as various in-vehicle entertainment systems, such as DMI (Driver-Machine Interface), IDE (In-Drive Entertainment) and IFE (In-Flight Entertainment).

All in all, we cannot imagine that MeeGo developement community is too thrilled about their effort and more importantly, their investment going down the drain, but such is the nature of failed platforms on the market. If the company that stands behind the project doesn’t know what exactly is doing, it doesn’t matter if your name is Nokia (abandoning Symbian), NVIDIA (failed 3D interface for Windows Mobile) or Intel (Classmate PC, various Linux distributions, MeeGo).