Corsair Releases 8GB Module, Get Ready for 64GB PCs


Corsair Memory, one of Top 3 memory vendors released its 8GB DDR3 module in two flavors, all in order to enable regular PC’s with 32GB of memory and the next-gen SNB-E (Jaketown) and its X79 platform with massive 64GB of working memory.

Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3-1600 Memory Module

The company launched 8GB Vengeance module ticking at DDR3-1600, at 10-10-10-27 latency. The 8GB Value module comes ticking at DDR3-1333 with 9-9-9-27 latency, while the voltage for both modules stands at 1.5 Volts.
These modules won’t come cheap. The only published price is for the DDR3-1600 module, which stands at $269.99, which means a 32GB kit for your Dual-Channel platform will run you a clean $1,079.96. At the same time, 64GB memory kit will set you back for $2,159.92 – which is what you need for a maximum memory configuration on the X79 and the Jaketown processor.

We spoke with representatives who said that the next generation of memory modules will reduce prices of high capacity modules, but it is good to see Corsair not holding back and coming to the market until the cheaper modules become available. Vengeance 8GB are the highest capacity enthusiast modules you can get.

The fact that now you can put 32GB on an almost every motherboard on the market should significantly increase the number of people that can switch to the highest capacity available. However, don’t expect that these modules will come cheap.