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The iPhone 4S Release Should be No Surprise

Many technology and business publications have spent the greater part of the past few months aggregating iPhone 5 rumors. Our publication is definitely not one to claim that we haven?t been responsible for a tad bit of spreading of these rumors but at a certain point we completely ceased talking about them. The problem with all of these iPhone 5 rumors was that all of them effectively spat in the face of all the precedents that Apple had established with previous product lines.

In the past, Apple released the 3G followed by the 3GS, which had the same design as its predecessor, the 3G. The main differences between the two were the processor (faster TI OMAP processor) and a newer better version of iOS. Based off of that prior experience it made quite a bit of sense for there to be an iPhone 4S that followed the release of an iPhone 4. Yet, for some reason everyone decided that a few somewhat credible news publications that started the rumors were in the know. This episode of all of these iPhone rumors was akin to the rumors that dragged on for years that Verizon was going to be getting the iPhone. Eventually it did, but only after a few failed attempts to get the right date.

Once the iPhone 5 rumors began to bubble up, some of us at BSN* began to immediately question their validity. This was further reinforced by a complete and utter lack of evidence to substantiate any hardware or software claims about the iPhone 5. This was also debunked by the fact that the iPad already had a faster dual core processor in mass production while the iPhone was still stuck with the single core A4. This was further reinforced by the fact that Apple had done the opposite when the first iPad came out by taking the A4 processor from the iPhone and slapping it in the iPad. There were no indications that Apple was planning to release a new processor so everything was seemingly pointing to an iPhone refresh powered by the already inexpensive to produce A5 processor. Considering Apple?s love of high-margin products there would be almost no room to doubt such a strategy.

The new iPhone 4S brings us a much faster processor and a significantly more feature rich OS coming in iOS 5. Many of these features are said to take advantage of the newer dual core A5 processor which has been used in the iPad 2 for quite some time. The real problem, though, is that this refresh does not satisfy Apple?s masses of fans. Many people were expecting a newly redesigned iPhone 5 with a larger screen and a sleeker body. Very few people genuinely care about the OS improvements and processor/performance upgrades. Because of Apple?s own marketing and the rumor it seems to feed, there are now very many disappointed fans of Apple. This also dashes a lot of people?s plans to upgrade to the ?prettier? looking iPhone 5 which they based on some ?leaked? pictures which made their rounds around the internet.

This author is by no means disappointed or surprised, but it will reflect poorly upon Apple?s image as an innovative design company in the eyes of the public. After all, just like the 3GS, the iPhone 4S is just another iPhone 4 with upgraded internals.