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In Memoriam: The Iconic Black Turtleneck is Gone

Steve Jobs will never grace the stage in Silicon Valley again. The celebrity who never walked the red carpet in a formal tux, but shone brightly in a black turtle neck and blue jeans, has died.

Steven Paul Jobs, 1955-2011

The computer industry giant fought the good fight, but finally retired from active management as CEO of Apple in August. He remained a guiding light as Chairman of the Board for less than two months thereafter. Much will be said of his brilliance, his drive, his innovations, and his personality. But we all know his story.

Like the "day the music died," a universal gasp is being heard. In this case, it wasn?t like the surprising plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, or the pills that took Elvis, or the unexpected and mysterious end of Marilyn Monroe. Cancer is a four letter word. We all had warning that the end was coming, that it was inevitable.

Jobs always reveled in showing the world his latest. When Tim Cook, not Jobs, spoke at the Cupertino event yesterday announcing the latest iPhone, his solitary appearance said it all. Steve Jobs has left the building; his monitor is dark; his keyboard is silent.

Steve Jobs leaves behind four children and his wife of 20 years. May he rest in peace. May his legacy survive to the wondrous applause he deserves for what he gave us.

For the end of this article, we would like to invite you to spare 15 minutes of your time and watch the talk Steve gave at the Stanford University six years ago. The talk was entitled "How to live before you die".