PQI Wishes You Merry Christmas and Launches a Santa Claus

Today is October 7, 2011. Yet, the jingle bells are coming up in two months and in order to get the products on the retail shelves, manufacturers are launching Christmas themed products.

PQI Santa Claus themed drive: Travel Drive U827

We received a press release from PQI containing their latest product, a limited edition USB drive. Under the name Travel Drive U827, PQI launched a "Santa Claus on a stick", USB drive that relies on good old fashioned USB 2.0, offering capacity of 4GB and 8GB for mere 10 dollars or so. What makes this product stick out is the fact that rubber casing is no other than good old fashioned Santa Claus.

You can expect this product to appear on retail counters, just as you exit the place where you spent a not-so-nice wad of cash for Christmas presents.