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NVIDIA GeForceLan 6 : The LAN on a Boat

NVIDIA’s first GeForce LAN since 2008’s NVISION conference has kicked off quite a bit of thoroughfare including many prizes and exclusive peeks at the upcoming game Battlefield 3. GeForceLAN is being held on the USS Hornet and the entire ship has been overtaken by exhibitors and LAN attendees.

The main hangar of the USS Hornet is completely overtaken by the BYOC LAN (about 600 BYOCers) and exhibitors. All BYOCers recieve a swag bag that includes a nice little bag which includes a tshirt that basically goes along with the lonley island meme of, "I’m on a boat." There has been an endless amount of prize giveaways through tournaments and exhibitors giving things away throughout the day through their own contests. The exhibitors that are sponsoring the GeForce LAN 6 are Toshiba, EVGA, MSI, TigerDirect/Systemax, Zotac, Corsair, Coolermaster, Plantronics, and Cyberpower. Each of these companies has their own booth at the LAN and has contributed prizes to the LAN as well as done their own giveaways.

NVIDIA’s Tom Petersen, Director of Technical Marketing

Some sponsors also don’t have booths but still have an important presence. Maingear and Origin both are sponsors of the LAN and are the two companies powering the 32 v 32 Battlefield 3 tournaments. Falcon Northwest is also a major sponsor and has donated a $10,000 gaming rig to be given away at the end of the lan to a lucky attendee. This is in addition to sponsoring the press lounge which is located in the Captain’s quarters.

Phil Eisler, General Manager 3D Vision

NVIDIA’s Phil Eisler kicked off the event yesterday by giving away 50 of their newly announced 3DVision 2 kits which include an LED ASUS 3D monitor and the new Nvidia 3D vision glasses. This was done through a crazy contest where NVIDIA’s cheerleader (and Director of Technical marketing) Mr. Tom Petersen ran an impromptu yelling/screaming match combined with a rock paper scissors tournament. Needless to say, the person representing a certain row of the BYOC lan that won the contest essentially won a 3DVision kit for their entire row. This followed the announcement of Nvidia’s 3DVision 2 update to their original 3DVision technology which improves the overall immersiveness of the experience by increasing the brightness of the 3D as well as the overall field of view. We will be coming out with a review of 3DVision 2 soon, so stay tuned to BSN* for that.

DICE’s Johan Andersson

Let’s not forget about EA and Battlefield 3 and the real highlight of this event. Johan Andersson the chief architect at DICE who is developing Battlefield 3 for EA was at the show and gave a sneak peek at the game and gave gamers a nice little preview of the game including announcing the new map which is called Operation Firestorm and is one of 3 new maps to be shown at GeForceLAN.

We will be continually uploading videos from the event at our youtube page at http://bit.ly/BSNTV so stay posted here and there for fresh content about GeForceLAN 6 and Battlefield 3.

In the meantime here are some pictures of yesterday’s festivities…

Swag Bag

Swag Bag Contents

Crazy GeForceLAN BYOCers trying to win prizes

Corsair’s booth running a mini LAN with their new gaming perhipherals

LAN attendee getting onto the USS Hornet Aircraft Carrier as they begin to load the boat

One of many ‘Booth Babes’ at GeForceLAN.