NVIDIA GeForceLAN 6 Day 1 Photo Gallery


So, after all of the craziness of GeForceLAN 6 on the USS Hornet has wound down we have gathered up all of our photos and combined them into three galleries, one for each day.

Here is a picture of the swag bag that all BYOC attendees received

Here are the contents of the said swag bag, note the toiletries pack, canteen, t-shirt, game code, dog tag, and marketing materials from the sponsors.

Here is yet another picture of that toiletries bag

Here is a shot of the back of the ‘I’m on a boat’ t-shirt all attendees received. BYOCers wore black, Volunteers Orange, and Staff Green.

Here are a few pictures of the vendors’ booths.

Toshiba’s Booth

Zotac and V3 Gaming booths

MSI’s booth with 3D Vision surround and multiple NVIDIA laptops

EVGA’s booth with multiple gaming systems and non-stop LN2 overclocking demo manned by none other than Vince "Kingpin" Lucido (pictured in the orange above).

We continue our photo gallery with even more photos from other vendors and attendees.

Press lounge located in the USS Hornet’s Captain’s Quarters

Staff checking in people’s computers

Plantronics’ booth

BYOCer bringing up his gear and lunch

One of 64 gaming systems set up for the GeForceLAN 6 Battlefield 3 Tournaments.

Staff of GeForceLAN 6 testing out Battlefield 3 before the tournaments begin.

Cyberpower’s Booth

Corsair’s booth with computers set up for mini tournaments and a prize wheel

Two of the boats docked next to the USS Hornet

Cots for the LANCamp BYOCers to sleep in. Yes, some of them actually paid to sleep on those beds.

By far one of the most awesome case mods at the LAN. After having a nice little chat with the gentleman he said that this case design is actually modular and allows for the milk crates to be stacked on top of each other or side by side due to the slack in the tubing.

Some pictures of the flight deck

We continue our gallery on this last page with more pictures of attendees, rigs, presentations and tours.

One of the NVIDIA models playing a racing gamin in stereoscopic 3D with NVIDIA’s new 3DVision 2

Some case mods that we found around the LAN

An attendee playing Battlefield 3 on Operation Firestorm

Press tour of the USS Hornet

Attendee with Corsair’s booth babes

NVIDIA’s Tom Petersen trying to stir up the crowd and give away some prizes

NVIDIA’s hired booth babes for taking 3D pictures and looking good

NVIDIA’s Phil Eisler talking about 3DVISION 2 and the improvements over the original 3DVISION.

A happy volunteer with a sombrero (we don’t know why).

An excited attendee hoping to win a 3DVision 2 complete kit worth $700.

More LN2 overclocking from EVGA and Kingpin.

We will bring you guys more photos as we upload them to the site and give you guys a chance to live the event through the eyes of our camera. Look for Days 2 and 3 coming soon.