AMD?s FX-8150 Sold Out at Most Online Retailers


After writing our review and enjoying all of your great feedback we decided to take a look around the internet and see what people thought of the FX-8150 and what kind of user reviews it was getting. The general consensus was actually pretty good and many people appeared to be quite happy. Upon doing this on a few sites we noticed something that was pretty good news for AMD. They were sold out everywhere. Admittedly, they aren?t sold out of the 8120 or 6150?s everywhere but they are still selling their flagship chips like hotcakes and with that kind of buzz, there?s a good chance that AMD could have pretty strong earnings in Q4 this year if their CPU division improves profitability further.

Without further ado, here are some screenshots of major retailer?s sale pages of AMD?s Zambezi FX-8150 Bulldozer chip. We definitely hope that more consumers will get a chance soon to purchase one of these chips and try it out for themselves as our review indicated that it was a pretty great value.